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Dr. Cluchey

Dr. Cluchey obtained her first undergraduate degree in pre-medical sciences from St. Xavier University and her second in Anatomy and Biology before earning her Doctorate of Chiropractic from the prestigious National University of Health Sciences in 2009. She spent her first two years in practice running two clinics in Poland, her birth country. After returning to the U.S., she joined one of the Midwest’s largest Chiropractic-Orthopedic offices, where she spent five years deepening her knowledge on the biomechanics of every muscle, joint, and bone in the body. Simultaneously, she reviewed and evaluated a wide range of workman’s comp cases from across the nation, which provided insight and practical knowledge on a whole spectrum of medical disciplines, including surgical and pharmaceutical.​


But in early 2017, Dr. Cluchey decided to branch out and open her own clinic; with that, planning for Healing Waters began. After opening the clinic in January 2018, Dr. Cluchey started forging her path to becoming one of the only dedicated laser therapy centers in the Midwest and one of the nation’s foremost laser therapy leaders. She is one of the members of Dr. Jason Rountree’s Laser Therapy Institute, a partnership that has advanced her clinical abilities far beyond her peers, from insights to custom treatment development and implementation. Combining her distinguished experience and diverse knowledge, Dr. Cluchey approaches each patient’s unique condition with care and expertise, empowering them to live pain-free.

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