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Dr. Cluchey became a chiropractor on accident. Seriously, ask her about it some time, she loves to tell the story.

That said, her mission in life is to help people live a pain-free life. A higher quality of living is something she strives for with every patient, and is why she got into laser therapy as well. It is the only tool she has found that produces the incredible results for patients that she sees on a daily basis.

In her free time, Dr. Cluchey loves to spend time with her absolutely hilarious, stud of a husband who wrote this bio as well as their three children. They go on outdoor adventures frequently, and love to find new places to eat.

If you want to learn more about Dr. Cluchey and her work background, feel free to click the link below!

About Dr. Cluchey

Our Services



Laser Therapy

Our Services


We accept nearly all major insurance plans.  

We accept most major insurance plans, and offer competitive cash rates for those with no insurance or high deductible plans. We do accept Medicare as well, however it does not cover laser therapy, weight loss, or orthotics.

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